My advice on giving gifts and rewarding people

Just wanted to share my thoughts on gift giving and caring about others.

If it is very hard for you to decide what to give people, give them what they give to you. Well, not the same item but from the same category. Chances are very high that the reason they bought you this particular gift is because they know something about such gifts, or they visit that kind of a store. If someone bought you candles instead of a handbag see if they also like candles themselves. People usually project their preferences on others.

You might object that you really thought about what that person was like before you bought them a gift you would not buy for yourself, but not everyone puts that much thought in it.

On a more general level, return all favors. Because even if people do not show it, they usually would like the same what they gave you back. If they care for you, they have a caring nature. And they would greatly value you caring back for them. There really are no one-sided people. Subconsciously, our actions reveal our hidden desires.

If someone does nothing but listen to your problems, but never speaks of their own, then they are patiently and silently waiting for you to ask. They may even resist giving up their concerns, but never give up. Giving up after you tried will be worse than not trying at all.

People who are "all set" do not really NEED to care for anyone else as they need nothing in return.

And if you really care about someone, and do not want to make it the stupidity of an expensive gift from a store (or several gifts), then you will really need to find out about that person to get them a unique and a needed gift instead. Unfortunately, the NEEDED item is cheap but very hard to find out about (Not GUESS!), and an expensive item is NOT REALLY NEEDED.

Investing in people is an investment that no stupid banker can screw up. And you should expect a return no matter how the economy does.

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