Our way of reinventing the wheel

<Insert name of your company here>'s way of reinventing the wheel:


The first proposal from the engineering department was to make it a square. But the ride was too rough, so they keep adding on sides, making it an octagon. However, the ride was still not smooth.

Then someone proposed to simulate it in the computer. A smoothing algorithm was applied, but this requires a software installation in the car to smooth out the vibration from the octagon wheel.

Then a few more "proposals" and "features" were suggested and added. One was to make it round, but a sphere. The ride is smooth, but uncontrollable, because the sphere wheels roll any way they want, and so did the car.

Management got together and said that we need to save material and make it economical. The sphere is machined down to a thin disc. However, this presents a problem, since the wheel is so thin it digs itself into the ground.

Then someone comes to work and says "Oh, I saw just what we need on TV yesterday". Production is ordered to create exactly what was shown on TV – from Flintstones. Unfortunately, while the wheel is finally round and of proper width, it is too heavy, slow, and uncomfortable for a ride.


As invented on the spot and told by JS, in a much funnier way. I wish I could record the audio.

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