This security ID may not be assigned as the owner of this object

If, when extracting files from a compressed archive, you get an error saying:

"This security ID may not be assigned as the owner of this object."

the following will take care of the issue.


Plain English explanation: WinRAR does not have enough permissions to extract a file into the directory you specified, or it is trying to create files with permissions which are not allowed.


The first scenario is most likely not WinRAR specific, and can be solved with the generic methods. I will concentrate on the second scenario.

Possible scenario: When you have originally compressed the files, you have chosen the option Advanced>NTFS Options>Save file security. You have reinstalled Windows, moved to another computer, or are logged into another account. The compressed files contained within that archive have the owner username stored since you have chosen that option.

There are many different solutions to this problem:

1) Login into the old computer and / or account and extract the files from there.

2) Elevate the rights of WinRAR by moving the mouse over the shortcut in the Start Menu, right-clicking, and selecting "Run as administrator" (you must have administrator level account to do this).

3) Extract from a computer running Windows XP, or extract into a FAT32 formatted partition. NTFS permissions will then not be affected.

4) Before extracting, in the "Extraction path and options" window, click the Advanced tab and uncheck "Set File Security".


Note that the solutions described above apply to other programs (besides WinRAR), and to Windows in general, if you get an error similar to the one described above, or if making yourself the owner of the directory (and its sub-contents), and giving your account "Full Control" privileges is not solving the problem.

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