Although the main VLC page documents everything well, here is another page with just answers to questions that my website gets hit with:

Q: autoplay DVD with VLC player. how to add VLC to pc to autoplay discs. VLC turns on when DVD inserted disable

A: When installed, VLC adds itself to the list of players which can be used to play DVDs. Depending on what you specified, it may become the default DVD player. To modify or change this, in My Computer, right click on a drive, and in the window that appears, select "Autoplay".


Q: When I try to open a ripped (copied) DVD, and use "open folder" on VIDEO_TS, the DVD menu is not shown, or navigation does not work correctly.

A: Try opening either the parent of that folder, or if that folder contains just a single folder within it, that folder.


Q: VLC stops monitor turning off

A: VLC disables the screen saver and the power save functions of your computer. And I do not know how to change this.


Q: VLC remember screen position

A: I do not know of a setting for this


Lock VLC window size, VLC remember playback position, VLC / media player classic play next file in directory. To the best of my knowledge, this is not possible to implement with VLC at this time.


How to slow down sound playback in VLC -- look in Preferences with "All" specified.


Q: Is it possible to capture subtitles in VLC along with the screenshot?

A: To the best of my knowledge, there isn't an option to toggle this. Notice that some subtitles are textual, and some are a video overlay.


Q: I take many captures (video screenshots). How do I sort and manage the resulting captures?

A: Set the Video snapshots Prefix to this:


Filenames of snapshots will then contain the filename of the original file, position information, date, and time the snapshot was taken. This will help you to sort and manage captures immensely.



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