Western Digital 250 GB RE4 64 MB Cache Enterprise Hard Drive WD2503ABYX review


These drives are not for house computers. 2 drives in a row (in several months) show bad sectors and write errors. I had to shift my data two times. I am not buying a HD that claims to be "super reliable" again. Go with Caviar Blue and forget about going for "high performance drives". All they do is fail.

Do not trust your data to this drive in a house environment. Get an external Caviar Green based hard drive to store your files on. Do not place your files with windoza partition.

I looked at the PCB of this hard drive, and it looks exactly the same as that of a Caviar Green drive. That "two processors" blah blah blah is bs. These drives use almost all of the same parts as the much cheaper Caviar Blue drives. You are overpaying for a drive which is pushed beyond its reliability limits.

It is just too bad Caviar Blue or Black HDs for my capacity do not come with 64MB cache. The cache, and the "super reliable" claims were the original reasons I bought these expensive pieces of junk.


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