Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme LED 2AA flashlight review

This flashlight is a great idea.

  • Takes AA batteries, which are everywhere
  • Small enough for pocket or purse
  • Relatively good for emergency purposes (seldomly turned on)
  • White, uniform, bright light
  • Contact button or always on
  • Strap included
  • Will even run on rechargeable batteries (but with reduced run time and a problem outlined below)
  • Will remain bright until batteries run down, but there is a problem outlined below.


  • This is an electronically controlled LED. It will be bright throughout the life of the battery, but there is no indication that the battery is running low. Then, with little warning, the light will cut off. But, you should have spares, and if not, AA batteries can be located anywhere.
  • It failed after a year of light-moderate use. But the manufacturer has lifetime warranty. I have tested the warranty. I have sent them the defective flashlight with a note, and got a new one back.


I will strongly recommend a 2 AA LED flashlight as a concept.

Read my page on recommended small flashlights.

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