Silent mouse

From what I gather, many people want the same thing I do - a silent mouse that does not constantly drive you (or others) insane with the constant click-click noise. Or maybe you just want private clicking so that noone knows you are doing it. Anyways, there are currently no easy solutions.

I have tried several silent mouses, and all are not a solution.

Thanko mouse versions 1 and 2:

  • The version 2 is not far from its predecessor.
  • Absolutely no indication of successful mouse press
  • As a consequence, I tend to press extremely hard on the mouse, straining my fingers.
  • As another consequence, the phenomenon of multiple clicking, where you click multiple clicks on the same thing just to be sure
  • Extremely slow but expensive shipping (now from US and not from Japan, but it seems like it takes just about as long)
  • Very expensive
  • The thing lasted only about 6 months
  • Small size that strains your palm
  • Absence of feedback makes accidental doubleclicks and accidental drags possible. Note that with stupid Windows, accidental drags can have your files moved or even deleted. This is something you must watch out for.


Buffalo mouse:

Failed in a few months.


Note: although I will perfectly understand if, when the expensive thing brakes, that you press on it with a fist, swing it against a wall, or give it a flying lesson across the room, or send it in the trash, DON'T! . You have wasted enough money on that thing already. Don't trash it. to arrange the details.

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