SilenX 60x60x25mm - 16dBA - 18CFM iXtrema Pro Fan (IXP-34-16) review

This fan is specified as 18 CFM at 16 dB. This fan is silent allright, but it does not push any air, and I would not use to cool anything down as it would probably overheat. Go for 35+ cfm and attach a speed controller if it is too loud.

When you manage to get a speed controller, another fan (from the same website, look for a different one if you are shopping elsewhere), Sunon 60mm x 38mm Extreme Fan - 3-Pin (PMD1206PMB1-A), specified at 56.5 CFM at 56 dBA. Now that is a POWERFUL BUT NOISY FAN! (when running at full speed, that is).

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