2009 Honda Fit Sport review

I had the Honda Fit for half a year so far, and I would like to share my experience.

Firstly, a careful and gentle driver can easily get combined 40mpg. You don't need a Prius to get the great gas economy!

Secondly, the storage space is the same as that of a Honda CR-V. That's right, same amount of space in the back as that of an SUV (I have measured it myself). There are no wheel wells protruding out the sides of the cargo area, and the floor is not high above ground, because the gas tank has been relocated to the middle of the underbelly.

The car is loads of fun to drive. It gets noticed, especially by the young ladies (if you would benefit from that :-)).

I have purchased a certified, used 2009 model for $14,000. The price of a Fit is steep. A brand-new Sport model with GPS navigation runs over $19,000, and prices do not drop by much for used models.

If you are buying a used Fit, I highly recommend the second-generation (2009+), and the Sport model. Unfortunately, the 2007-2010 models do not come with ESC as a standard option. For the 2009-2010 model years, ESC is available for the GPS-equipped models only.


I had personal bad experience with winter handling, and I have heard many people saying the same thing. This car requires winter tires in the northern climate. The tire size is hard to find. My Sport model with a tire size of 185/55R16 limited my choice to a single winter tire available -- Bridgestone Blizzak WS60. Try TireRack.com.

I also wanted to mount the winter tires on a spare set of steel rims, but I could not locate steel rims for this rare size. Allow rims, at over a hundred per each, plus the cost of installing TPS would be prohibitive for my wallet.


Other than that, the car is an enjoyment. My favorite feature is the rear seat which can do many things. Such as be completely collapsed into the floor well for a flat cargo area. Alternatively, the seat can be moved out of the way, and create a nice well to place your purchases in. That way, the shopping bags will not move and roll around as you drive home from shopping.

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