Ultra-Ramp ramp extensions extenders review

You might want to read my other article first about ramp extenders in general. This article will specifically review the Ultra-Ramps Extensions Kit product.

Ultra-Ramp ramp extensions extenders


These ramps worked really well. However, obey the following safety rules when using these extenders:

1) You must install the extension into the proper holes on the ramp, so that the plastic part is flat against the ground. Otherwise, you will break the extension (it is not designed to carry the weight of the vehicle by itself).

2) The top part must be installed properly into the designated mounting groove in the bottom (right) part.

3) You must use a ramp with the reinforcement in the center (the small legs in the picture) for the larger and heavier cars such as minivans. I have seen ramps of this type without the center reinforcement.

4) Always apply the parking brake and place wheel stops under the rear wheels to prevent the car from moving.

5) The yellow ramps must be placed flat on the ground, and at the same distance from each of the wheels. They must not lean to the side as the car rides up the ramps.

6) The car must be driven all the way up the ramp and over the small bump to prevent the car from easily driving off the ramps on its own.

7) There ramp extenders are only designed to work with ramps manufactured after the production date code of 93 (printed on the bottom side of your ramps).


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