ASUS AI SUITE and most of the "power saving" functions of software and hardware review

ASUS AI SUITE and most of the "power saving" functions of software and hardware review:

In two words: all crap! None of them do anything of value besides having you pay for such "features". AI Suite, fan throttling on my power supply, etc, etc all are of no use. I will not even state here many bugs and problems of AI Suite because I do not recommend that you use it at all.

If you want my advice, here it is:

1) Do not go insane with power supply power rating. Everyone will tell you that you need 600W and up to insane values. You don't.

2) Do not go insane with number of fans.

3) All "silent" fans are ripoffs. They either do not blow, or are not silent. And don't think that some special one "really works". It won't.

4) Low noise is more important than a cool computer. You will get it when you go insane from all fan noise.

5) The motherboard that you have bought is an overkill.

6) The computer case that you have bought is insanely huge and empty.

7) Water cooling is not silent. Because there is no such a thing as liquid cooling without requiring fans somewhere (northbridge, power supply, liquid cooling system radiator, hard drives, etc)

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