Probiotic Toothpaste

So, several alternative health sources recently were discussing probiotic toothpaste. With the argument being that dental problems are caused by bad bacteria growing like crazy due to all the sugar we consume, etc.

And probiotic toothpaste was supposed to contain healthy bacteria that would displace the bad types, and prevent dental problems.

Well, whomever was selling that toothpaste is no longer selling it. I looked and I could not find "probiotic toothpaste".

What do I recommend? Buy fluoride--free toothpaste from Whole Foods Market or elsewhere (Natural Dentist being an example brand). Also research baking soda based toothpaste or baking soda itself.

And instead of using something unhealthy and harsh like alcohol with a bunch of chemicals for the mouthwash/mouthrinse, use salt water, diluted peroxide, and baking soda solution for a mouthrinse.

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