I get my water from a spring, what's next

My family gets drinking water from a spring. We fill up 5 gal jugs, and we have several water dispensers. Here are some tips on how to use spring water properly:

1) Your water jugs must not contain BPA. Jugs which explicitly say they are BPA free are usually very expensive ($20 per jug and more).

2) We buy replacement jug caps to secure the jug for transport.

3) When transporting the jugs in car, the jugs must be secured properly. The jugs are very easy to topple. Do not place them in an open area in your car. Place them between supports to prevent movement, and rope the jugs down.

4) Do not leave any plastic jugs out in the sun, full or empty. Full, they will leach plastic into the water. Empty, they will be moved around by the wind, and will crack when doing so.

5) Dirt and send will usually get in the water dispenser. This dirt comes both from the uncleaned water jug top portion, as well as the dirt moved along by the water in the stream. I recommend to install coffee filters if you use up a jug in less than a week. If the jug lasts longer, buy a special cloth chemical water filter, which will be more durable and will not get moldy or will not break down.

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