My lymph node is infected because of a root canal

If your lymph node is infected because of a root canal, but you do not want to remove the tooth, here are some options:

1) Consult a biological dentist. These dentists understand the relationship between the health of your teeth and the health of your overall body.

2) Get a blood test for white cell count. If it is down, then your body is busy fighting infection, and you need to act.

3) Try the following:

Beyond Health multivitamin

Beyond Health vitamin C

Eliminate trans fats from your diet, and replace with olive and coconut oil

Start taking omega 3 oils such as Flax oil

Take care or eliminate other sources of infection in your body

Start taking turmeric (if you are taking corcumen, it should be taken with black pepper), and CoQ10

Switch to a diet of healthy, live (raw) food


And finally, if your lymph stays infected even after you take action, you must realize that a constant source of infection in your body will increase your chances of getting sick from any number of ailments, and will weaken your heart and allow heart attacks to happen. Save money for a consultation with an expert biological dentist about removing teeth with root canals and replacing them with implants.

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