Hairloss shampoo and remedies

Hairloss shampoo is complete junk. How do you expect something that is on your head for only a few minutes but is later washed off to affect your hair in any way?

Stay away from all "hairloss" shampoos.

Same goes for "vitamin" shampoo. Most of it is synthetic crap that your body cannot use. If your body would absorb something, it would be the additives in that shampoo, not the "vitamins".

Minoxidil - works only to STOP hairloss while it is continuously being taken, not to reverse hairloss. When you stop taking it, hairloss will immediately resume. Also, when applying, avoid any of the liquid to get on your face (forehead, sides, etc) as there will be facial hair growth. What is facial hair growth due to minoxidil? It will be hairs growing between your brows, between brows and side of your head, and between eyes and beard, where hairs do not normally grow.

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