High Quality Olive Oil and others

High quality olive oil is extremely to find in retail.

Don't expect to find it in a mainstream store.

Before I list the sources, be aware that olive oil is not for high temperature cooking. At high temperature, it breaks down and becomes unhealthy.

For high temperature cooking and frying, try coconut oil instead.


Now, for some stupidities.

Olive oil in a metal can is not such a great idea. Glass is better. But light exposure to the oil is nothing useful as well.

Some discount and unconventional stores carry Italian Olive oil. Ocean State Job Lot sometimes carries it (for eastern US).

And for the biggest marketing lie: A container saying "100% Olive Oil" most often does not contain anything like it. How they lie: they dilute "100%" olive oil with much cheaper and unhealthier canola oil. Olive oil may be 50% of the container by volume, or even less. I would like to know how they can get away with this! Therefore, read the label, as always.

Buying Olive Oil from the Whole Foods Market chain may give a little insurance it will be good quality.


And last but not least, you simply can't buy a quart or more of Italian olive oil for five bucks. It is much more expensive than that. Cheap price will always indicate that it is no olive oil that you are buying!


As far as coconut oil goes -- buyer aware. Some "large" distributors operate on a seasonal basis. At the beginning of the season, coconut oil price is very low. Then they might run out in mid season, and prices go sky high.


As far as cheaper and less healthy oils go, commercial canola and soybean oils are always partially hydrogenated (which is very bad for the body), due to the manufacturing and processing method. This is always true even if they are labeled as not being partially hydrogenated.

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