SpellO bugs and features requests

Finally, a free stand-alone website spellchecker!

However, there are some rough edges to work out and polish up.

1) My results still show nbsp as a word, even though you list this as a fixed bug.

2) With a "large" DPI setting, the window is still not sized properly, and RUN / Save buttons are not visible without resizing the window, even though you list this as a fixed bug.

3) Apostrophe character still breaks words, even though you list this as a fixed bug. For example, "doesn't" will be listed as a "doesn" typo.

4) Add the capability to to specify several dictionaries at the same for multilingual websites.

5) There needs to be an option to ignore words with numbers. For other relevant settings, see OpenOffice or Microsoft Office settings.

6) There needs to be a bandwidth throttling option, since checking a large website can bring a house network to a grinding halt.

7) If your website is setup for non-www, then the crawler will not work with the full http://www.domain.ext/ address. Use the shorter http://domain.ext/ address.

8) SpellO crashes in Windows 7 64-bit, unless it is run with forced administrator privileges.

9) Non-English characters are shown in the results window, but are not saved with proper encoding to the html log file.

10) SpellO should ignore all text within "a href", so that it does not try to spell-check web addresses and linked files (since it currently tries to download and check even non-textual files).

11) Word duplication is a common mistake. Although this is actually a grammar check, it would be beneficial for SpellO to detect duplicate words.

12) There is no no progress / activity bar / indication (other than waiting for the Run button to become available again).

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