PHPBB3 default settings and upkeep

Settings to enable on PHPBB3 install:

"Get notified of replies" ON by default

If improper email account bounce-backs are sent to your primary account, set up a blocking filter to delete those notices. Don't ever care about those.

Modify the default registration welcome screen. Example screen: try to register at

board settings: site name and description, timezone, etc

board features: disable signatures, smilies, birthdays,

no avatars

post settings: no BBCode, but links ok

user registration: may allow only activation by email

First posts by user must be moderated (will block 99% of spam from being seen by visitors and crawlers, but admin/moderator will see a lot of spam that will be submitted for approval).



How to modify registration screen message:

1) Download ucp.php by FTP

2) Create backup of that file on your computer

3) Use Notepad++ or similar to edit the file. DO NOT USE Notepad, WordPad, Office, etc.

4) Edit the 'TERMS_OF_USE_CONTENT' line. Note: Text that you put in there cannot contain the ' character. HTML code tags can be included.

5) Rename the original file on your server to ucp.php_backup

6) Quickly upload modified file back to your server.

For an example, see


Continued maintenance:

Delete spammers' profiles and all their posts. Note: PHPBB3 developers act like spam does not exist. It takes more time for me to ban a user, delete their posts, and block them by their email domain, than it took that spammer to register and post spam. These actions are spread over several screens.

Block entire domains that spammers are coming from, for example, *, etc, etc.

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