Proper use of 410 gone .htaccess redirect

Being a web developer, I want everything right and proper.

That includes listing pages I knowingly deleted with 410 gone error code.


Proper use:

in your .htaccess file, add:

redirect gone /subfolder_or_not/title.html


redirect 410 /subfolder_or_not/titleurl.html


Where two different use examples are given, and they are identical in functionality.

Upon visiting those URLs, a visitor will see a very bland error page.

For the visitor to see a more pleasing and informative page (one that perhaps searches for similarly titled articles, or gives a sitemap, contact form, and main website navigation).

a) Create a page first and note its URL.

b) after those redirect lines in your .htaccess file, add

ErrorDocument 410 /410-error-page.html

Where the URL can be any URL that you have created your page with.

For an example, see


Just to disclose everything, I don't know how exactly an indexer (or a bot) would know that an error page was returned. And whether it would know to immediately remove that page from its index. Perhaps Apache takes care of that. If you are a guru, and you know for sure, then email me.


After each htaccess change, do not forget to do the following: clear CMS cache, clear browser cache, press ctrl+F5, and after page reloads, try your address query again.


Further reading:

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