Why Things Break: Understanding the World by the Way It Comes Apart

Why Things Break: Understanding the World by the Way It Comes Apart by Mark E. Eberhart

I have bought this book because I am interested in how things work. I thought that this book would be something about how we can observe the remaining parts of a broken machinery or something else or something along the lines of that. However, this book is about the atomic structure if materials. The book is non--technical, relatively short and small, and consists of two parts. The parts are not specifically labeled as such, but they are immediately felt when reading. The first part is discussion about the different information that can be gathered from materials science. This part will be an easy and a very informative read for anyone who is interested in learning. Numerous well--written stories and explanations are included. The second part is more about the history of the study of materials up to the present. This part, while presenting the state of things, is probably of less interest to those who are interested in getting applicable information. However, mostly due to the small size of the book, it never gets boring in any of the discussions. Overall, the book should be read by any student of chemistry and mechanics, including anyone else who is interested in knowing how the structure of a material makes it brittle, malleable, etc, and any other properties that may make the material a very technologically important one.

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