The Return of the Antichrist by Patrick Heron -- comprehensive review

The following is a comprehensive review of The Return of the Antichrist by Patrick Heron:

This book is very good as reading material for Christians, non-Christians, your friends, and anyone interested in future prophecy.

Additionally, this book is available as a low-cost e-book from the author's website.


This book will:

Answer the question whether the Antichrist is alive today and whom he can be?

Will the Church be here for the Tribulation?

Is the United States described in the Revelation?

Who are aliens and ET craft?

Who are angels and how do they look like?

What are demons?

What were fallen angels?

What were giants?

Where is the Abyss?

Who built the pyramids?

What will happen in the end days?

Who is pushing for the New World Order?

What is Babylon the prostitute?

Should you read the book of Enoch?

Who were the giants after the flood that the twelve spies saw?

Why did the Flood happened and why were Hebrew people ordered to kill nations residing in the Promised Land?

What is coming in the future?


And other important information.

190 pages. Must--have.



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