Library of Congress pseudonym / private registration

As is always the case with the government bureaucracy, instructions for filling out Library of Congress registration are less than clear.

1) When you start the registration process, the way to proceed from the first screen presented is by the use of white (and not very visible) "next" arrow on top. The arrow is not duplicated on the bottom of the page, and clicking on links in the page do not make you proceed forward. Very confusing.


I cannot emphasize more for you to watch out how your private information will be entered for registration. Assume that EVERYTHING you fill in will be visible to everyone, forever (as copyright has a term of nearly a hundred years). DO NOT include your private information, such as phone number, primary email address, address, real last name, etc. You will be inundated with spam.

List only your special and separate email account for publishing business, or a link to your website. That would be enough for potential publishers to be able to contact you.

Watch out that your name is entered in several sections. To the best of my understanding, the following sections will be posted publicly online, and so would your private information in those sections of the application:

Authors & Contributors


Rights & Permissions


According to a rep that I talked with on the phone, your (real) information in the following sections will not be posted online:


Mail Certificate



Certification here is basically an "electronic signature". However, I do not understand why Correspondent and Mail Certificate sections ask for the same information.

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