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I thought that it would be helpful for me to share what I found.

UPDATE: Times are changing and we must change with them. You should follow the following guideline:

1) Forget narrowly targeting investors by your exact location and development stage. Target as many as you can in related areas and stages of investment.

2) Ignore most listings on AngelSoft. Immediately go to the investor's profile and check the following critical statistics: Invested in past 12 months, Deal Funnel from Last 12 Months, and Invests In Companies That Have Reached The Following Milestones. Ignore everything else on the profile.

3) Find active investors in your area and give them as much attention as you would give someone you want to marry.


I have searched again, and a second list of investors who really say they can invest in the seed stage, and appear to be active are:

  • Bantam Group
  • Angel Investor Forum
  • Beacon Angels
  • Boston Harbor Angels
  • Flow
  • Golden Seeds
  • Launchpad Venture Group
  • MAsquared
  • Montreal Startup
  • New England Venture Network
  • North Country Angels
  • Northeast Angels
  • NYC Seed
  • PCN Boston
  • Point Judith Capital
  • River Valley Investors
  • Speed Venture Summit
  • Tech Valley Angel Network
  • The Assabet Group
  • UMass Amherst Entrepreneurship Initiative
  • UrgentVentures
  • Venture Well
  • Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies
  • Village Ventures


Note: many VC teams specify they are "early" stage investors. What does this mean? It means that they are looking for a company that already works, minimizing their risk. But how are people with solid ideas supposed to get to that point?

You need to look for VCs that say they do "seed stage" investments. (What is needed from you at this stage is a prototype or proof of concept, market research, and a business plan).

Below is a list of companies in New England that specify that they do seed-stage investments. I will be trying some of these out, and will report later on my progress.


.406 Ventures. Boston, MA. They have responded to a solicitation e-mail.

Angel Investor Forum. AngelSoft link. They were relatively fast in viewing the AngelSoft application. They have made a decision faster than others.

Bantam Group. AngelSoft link.

Bay Angels. Mostly dealing with southeastern Massachusetts.

Beacon Angels. AngelSoft link.

Boston Harbor Angels. AngelSoft link.

Boynton Angels. Westborough, MA. AngelSoft link.

Clark Hill Capital. AngelSoft link.

Connecticut Angel Guild. AngelSoft link. They were relatively fast in viewing the angelsoft application. Dead website links.

Connecticut Venture Group. Hartford, New Haven and Stamford in CT

First Founders. AngelSoft link.

Kepha Partners. Waltham, MA. They have responded to a solicitation e-mail. They have made a decision faster than others.

Kestrel Management, LLC. Boston, MA

Kodiak Venture Partners. Waltham, MA

LaunchCapital. Cambridge, MA

Long River Ventures. Hadley, MA; Worcester, MA

Manifold. AngelSoft link.

Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation. Boston, MA

Matrix Partners. Waltham, MA. They have responded to a solicitation e-mail.

Monadnock Angel Investors. AngelSoft link.

New England Venture Network. AngelSoft link.

North Country Angels

Northeast Angels. AngelSoft link. They were relatively fast in viewing the angelsoft application.

Polaris Ventures. Waltham, MA

River Valley Investors. AngelSoft link.

Summerhill Venture Partners. Waltham, MA

UMass Amherst Entrepreneurship Initiative. AngelSoft link.

Venture Capital Fund of New England. Wellesley, MA

Village Ventures. AngelSoft link.

Walnut Venture Associates. AngelSoft link.


These should be removed from the list:

Charles River Ventures. Waltham, MA. They give a loan, not venture financing???

Solstice Capital. Boston, MA. They "do not accept unsolicited business plans"

Yolland Capital. Cambridge, MA. Currently not investing (Aug 09 as per CEO).

Highland Capital Partners. Lexington, MA. Approach is thru referrals only.


If you have experience with any of these companies, then please .

Resources: search, NEVCA

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