How much are e-bay fees?

Much so, it case you did not know:

Here is a breakdown of fees for a $200 item with $15 shipping.

$15 when item sells

$0.35 Insertion fee (more on this below)

$6 for Paypal

Things don't stop here. If you are not careful, shipping will cost too much with UPS.

It's usually around $13 with FedEx for this item.

It costs me $105 to buy the item before processing. How much am I left for what I do? - Just $76. When my mind thought it would be $100.

And that's not even where much money is made by e-bay. Any kind of promo bonuses for this item would kill it (bold listing, subtitle, featured listing, gallery, etc), while for a much more expensive item it would not matter much.

And the biggest problem that I have with so much money not much is made about making users' browsing experience peaceful and logical. Instead, there is an overcrowding of crap on their pages like they are trying very hard to make a few extra pennies.

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