Outline for successful restaurants

The following is what I imagine a restaurant should be:

  • buffet deluxe mode: set up special space with isolated cubicles for private space. Very simple (space is usually available on normal occasions) way to provide high-class service for a masses-accessible thing.

  • advertise restaurant as no MSG, aspartame, my notes. Quiet cabins. Healthy image, signs outside and inside, on website.

  • stupidity of those huge but one-item bags that people walk out with, out of expensive clothing stores same way as extremely expensive tiny portions in expensive fancy restaurants that do not really make people full


designer restaurant:

  • no menu, different dish every day

  • no single chef, invitations of diff chefs

  • training program, classes

  • inside - cannot see or hear other tables

  • eat outside in a picnic like setting with vegetation/garden/trees

  • can order meals over internet

  • can ask for a recipe or chef can come out

  • will have vegan/raw days or chefs

  • can sell bulk prepared food like a store

  • Asian oriented



stupidity of restaurants. Wait long, open areas, menu taken away, juice drinks should be strongly suggested or mentioned, noisy, people looking at you, large portions of single dish (my idea, assortment of tasty great smelling different dishes instead given as a traditional full course dinner but with small portions). universal signs of bad costumer service:

  • music is loud

  • you have to wait for food

  • waiter is either servicing other people while you wait, or asks you and then goes to other people without servicing you first.

  • if they did not understand you, they never ask again to make sure, and proceed to do something.

  • if they have absolutely no idea what you asked for, do not make sure, and give you what they thought you wanted.

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