What you need to do to present to Angel Investors

Here are a few pointers from an angel investors with whom I have had a conversation:

Introductory opening (elevator pitch, etc) is most important part of an application. Investors have very little time to spend on every application.

Video helps them. Shows that you are energetic, and makes you stand out.

Executive summary templates are often available from their website

Tell them about benefits not features/how it is done (you need to sound like a salesman, not an inventor)

Most local colleges and universities have programs to help entrepreneurs

You will need to hang out where entrepreneurs are hanging out to get a business team

Contrary to what you see on websites that list such things, there are usually few active investment groups in the area. Work with them.

"Stalking" investors -- as in, actually walking in to their building instead of expecting a fast and great response from a single email or phone call will help you.

Find events at which investors hang out at.

Use the www.Meetup.com website to find local events.

Find out what angel investors sponsor and what they do not. For example, they do not teach, mentor, prepare your elevator pitch, etc. They are there only to invest.

Emails are mostly just noise for investors. What usually gets a deal signed is a personal recommendation from one of the investors.

Download their due diligence forms

Again, contact local entrepreneurship educational resources, professors. Find out about local incubators, events, etc.

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