How to find a niche literary agent

Most literary agents work only with mainstream topics such as novels and mass-market interest titles. It is much harder to find a literary agent or an agency which specializes in a niche topic. Here are some tips from my experience.

1) There are few textbook literary agents. Most textbook publishers accept manuscripts without requiring agents to submit it. I have an article on such types of submissions.

2) A statement on an agent's or an agency's website that they accept "science" book most likely means they are talking about "pop science" such as popularized psychology, plot-driven drama novels set on a grain of scientific backing, etc, etc. Your manuscript fit only to be read by PhD's does not qualify. 

3) "Narrative non-fiction" is a novel.

4) "Technology" means a book for the masses. Just like with #2 above, this means a popularized book.


Do not waste your time reading thru many agencies' websites. Instead, open up all the websites in tabs in your browser, and do a quick in-page search (Ctrl-F) by your desired submission topic. If they do not list your submission category on their website, do not bother to apply. An agent or an agency will never accept an out-of-listed-categories book.


To find agents, parse thru directories and their professional associations. For an example, look at my textbook literary agents article.

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