Why does Costco and others mark my receipt?

Here's something that noone will explain to you even if you'll ask (and most people don't) -- why at Costco someone's standing all day long at the exit and marking off everyone's receipt.

It was funny when at a university, a girl was doing the same at a bookstore, and when I asked her about what she was doing and why she basically said "shut up and move along".

If I understand it correctly, Costco does not place any tracking/magnetic strips in their inventory to keep costs low. There are no magnetic coil sensors at the exit to detect if an item was hidden without having been paid for. So the person at the exit is supposed to correlate the number of items on the receipt with the number of items in your cart.

I just don't understand how they would be able to do that. There won't be any change in number of items from walking between the register and the exit.

At least I apply my brains and doubt what I am told. Many more should do the same.

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