Liquid crystal sheet

If you are looking on the internet for a sheet of plastic that changes colors liquid crystal sheet when warmed up, you might use a search term like "thermochromic sheet", but will not find any results.

As always, even though I was sure it would be called a thermochromic sheet, you will actually zero usable results by using this term. The only results you will get is when you will realize that the "correct" internet search term for this product is "liquid crystal sheet".

Possible search terms that will not give you what you are looking for: Thermochromic, Thermochromic film, Thermochromic sheet, color change sheet

"Correct" search terms (figured after 2 hours of internet searching, which I hope you will not have to do): liquid crystal film, liquid crystal sheet. Wikipedia article


Available retailers (low quantity, high price):

Edmund Scientific

Educational Innovations (note: these come with adhesive backing to a sheet of paper. Read below how to remove the adhesive)


Anchor Optics

Edmund Optics


If you do buy from Educational innovations and need to take the adhesive off, spray it with Goof Off outside, and use gloves and paper towels to rub the adhesive off (rubbing off after Goof Off is simple, just keep it off your clothes and skin). A can of Goof Off is actually a must-have in the household because it can do much more, like take all of those pesky sticky labels, or even to take permanent marker off.

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