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I am getting quite angry at the stubborn stupidity. Here goes.

1) By default, it is not possible to upload anything to MediaWiki. WTH? Yes, you heard right. There is no way to upload anything. You and I probably need to be retaught to never post original content, and always link to third party images, I guess?

2) To enable uploads, set $wgEnableUploads in LocalSettings.php to true. Do not add a line instead, you should already have this line set to false somewhere in that file. for more details.

3) Try navigating to Special:Uploads. Also, there should be a link to upload files in the Toolbox area.

4) So, now you can mass upload images to your own server thru FTP, right? Wrong. Images in MediaWiki are stored under random subfolders within the /images folder. Uploading anything into /images does not "register" those files with MediaWiki.

Let me warn you that at the moment, neither Extension:SpecialUploadLocal nor $wgForeignFileRepos work.


After a session of hair pulling after midnight hours, I have managed the following to work:

Install Extension:MaintenanceShell

Install Manual:importImages.php

Run the script by specifying the FULL path to the "import folder". WARNING: this is not just a subfolder path like /uploads. You must specify the full server path, the one you can get, for example, by logging in to your server via SSH, navigating to that folder, and entering the pwd command. The path may look like:


Also, I have had AdvancedMETA extension installed. Looks like AdvancedMETA interferes with importImages.php operation (error message

Fatal error: Call to a member function getNamespace() on a non-object in .../extensions/MWAdvancedMeta/MWAdvancedMeta.php on line 421

is displayed)

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