How to configure Thuderbird e-mail client for University of Hartford Hawkmail

There are instructions on University of Hartford on how to configure e-mail clients to access UHart e-mail ("Hawkmail"), but there are no detailed step-by-step instructions for Thunderbird. Here they are:

Start by adding your account to Thunderbird.

Thunderbird will try to guess e-mail server settings, but it will guess incorrectly. Once Thunderbird initiates the account, you will need to modify many options.

Right click the account name in listing of left pane or click the three horizontal lines button for Menu. Go to settings. Go to the Hartford e-mail account in the left pane listing of Settings menu.

There, go to Server Settings sub-listing.

Server Name: (NOT the that Thunderbird guessed).

Port: 993

Username: is the name before the "@" symbol in your e-mail address (Thunderbird incorrectly tried to use the full e-mail address).

Connection security: SSL/TLS (Thunderbird guessed incorrect)

Authentication method: Normal password

Modify the When I delete a message: folder to "Deleted Items" (rather than Trash)


Next under Outgoing Server (SMTP) listing on the left panel, select the account you want to modify and click "Edit".

There, change settings to:

Server Name:

Port: 587

Connection security: None

Authentication method: Password, transmitted insecurely

Username: is the name before the "@" symbol in your e-mail address


At this point, Thunderbird should have your inbox, but you are probably not seeing any e-mail folders you have created. You need to "subscribe" to get the listing of folders.

Back in main e-mail window, right click on the account name and choose "Subscribe".

From the dialog window that appears, select all folders listings, and click "Subscribe".


One last task that remains is ability to empty "Deleted Items" by right clicking on it. Thunderbird only understands this action on Trash by default. Install a Thunderbird Add-On called "Empty Deleted Folder Button Thunderbird".

Now test ability to read and send e-mail!

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