How to cancel membership and delete profile

On, cancelling your membership and deleting your profile are two different things. And both are just as hard to accomplish.

Usually, presents you two choices:

a) Cancel automatic membership renewal by calling them a day before it renews.

b) Hide your profile from the public.

Neither of the two, of course, are in your interest.

If you choose a), then you can either forget to call before the renewal, or renewal may happen before you have a chance to call. You will be charged in that case.

If you choose b), then you will continue to pay them, even though noone will see you.

Welcome to the perfect corporate world of profit by the way of lifetime membership.


If you actually want to cancel your membership renewal payments, you will need to call by phone. Don't even bother to look for a way online, you won't find it (or it is extremely hard to find, and they change the links / method all the time to confuse you, so documentation / faqs are always out of date).

However, in this case your profile is still up. Others will be confused thinking that you are a member. And they might even contact you. would absolutely love that. Because if you have cancelled your membership, it will still notify you that you have received a message, but will ask you to renew membership to find out what the message said and who it was from.


If you want to actually delete your profile, then

a) Save an html copy of your profile information, for backup and your reference.

b) Make your profile inactive / invisible to everyone.

Call by phone and tell them you want to DELETE your profile.

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