YES Amazon intentionally delays non-Prime orders... AND OTHER OBSERVATIONS

YES, AMAZON INTENTIONALLY DELAYS (SITS ON) ORDERS ORDERED BY NON-PRIME MEMBERS. It used to only be two days, lately it has gotten to as much as 6 days before order is shipped.

HOWEVER, the global village or morons out there (the Internet) are ALL PARROTING EACH OTHER with entirely THE WRONG EXPLANATIONS of why and how Amazon is doing this. The morons claim that non-Prime orders are "low priority" or that Amazon ships using "low cost options". WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Amazon only has ONE SHIPPING OPTION RIGHT NOW. Amazon, having millions of customers they have swindled, spend millions of dollars to develop the two-day delivery network partnerships. Now, they have done that mostly thru getting insane volume discounts from delivery companies (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc) given Amazon's volume of orders. Now that Amazon developed the two-day delivery network, that is THE ONLY OPTION IT USES TO SHIP both Prime and non-Prime orders.

However, to justify the insane cost of Prime membership, Amazon intentionally sits on a non-Prime order for up to six days (for me), and THEN SHIPS IT USING THE SAME TWO-DAY DELIVERY SERVICE IT WOULD HAVE USED IF I HAD PRIME MEMBERSHIP.

Not a single moron on any other website knows anything about this, and well a few people would know anyways the discounted cost of Amazon shipping that it obtains due to its shipment volume.

Ever wondered how a piece of furniture bought online for $80 can be shipped via UPS etc but if you go to a UPS location in person, UPS will charge you to ship $80 for a much smaller / lighter box as a personal one-off shipment (I would NEVER recommend UPS for anything for an individual, for this reason). That is the difference of volume discounts.

And really, now that Amazon has this two-day delivery system, WHY THE HELL would they waste money on multiple delivery options??? (Different labels / carriers / computer systems / DIFFERENT OR MULTIPLE VOLUME SALES DEALS)

Now there are also morons out there on the Internet telling you that Amazon warehouse employees rush (well, actually, ARE BEING WATCHED AND TRACKED AT THE WORKPLACE BY AMAZON TO MAKE SURE THEY RUSH) "every single package no matter its status". MORONS. The employees are doing whatever the computer tells them. The computer was programmed by a programmer. The programmer was told by a manager, the manager was told by an executive to put an intentional delay into non-Prime orders.

Well, there is ONE FURTHER reason why Amazon delays your shipment until last day, and then ships with two-day shipping by the promised date, beyond forcing you to go to Prime to get even faster packages, etc. That's because everyone is becoming addicted to a constant stream of Amazon order placed every day for separate and trivial orders and Amazon packages streaming in every day, like to a stream of nicotine coming at you. By waiting for as long as possible before a non-Prime shipment, there is a VERY HIGH chance that you will place another order, which Amazon will group in with the first and send out as one, cheaper box. You will easily notice this when an order ships an extremely long time from the first one placed, but suspiciously fast from the second order placed (which is then grouped with the first).


While I have your attention, a few items of note:

Are you people really so insane to pay for Amazon Prime (Video) that shows as almost every movie as either UNAVAILABLE or requiring PAYING ME VERY LARGE ADDITIONAL MONEY, AT THE LEVEL OF WHAT I USED TO PAY FOR SHITTY PHYSICAL DVD's, AND EVEN THEN ONLY TO TEMPORARILY RENT IT rather than become an owner of that content (and Amazon can pull my rent at their whim). Are you people INSANE???

It is very obvious that no matter what search phrase I put in Amazon, Amazon servers have been programmed to say "fuck you, we think you should be buying THIS Chinese overpriced, extremely poor quality SHIT instead". Well, I have noticed it, and I say back: FUCK YOU! AMAZON. Well, Google does the same thing for the last few years for internet searches, so I also say FUCK YOU GOOGLE.

Amazon now has the power, now that it swindled all of you into its locked system, to very sneakily (BUT I AM SMART ENOUGH TO NOTICE IT) effectively start raising prices on Chinese SHIT. It does so, in case you have not realized, by taking money to promote crappy sellers' offers, and of course by stealing your personal data, repackaging and reselling it in various ways. So, we are now, without any of you MORONS realizing this, buying Chinese SHIT which used to be cheap like shitty it is, but now inflated by sellers and by Amazon's fees, since if Amazon says "Amazon Recommended Pick" everyone is trained with a Pavlovian response to click to buy that item, even though it costs twice as much as other pieces of junk on the same page, and which are equivalent to the item, but are cheaper cost (but the seller has not paid Amazon to promote the junk item).

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