How to buy cheap computer games

Never, ever download games from file sharing networks (P2P, torrent, etc). Your computer will be constantly infected. It costs a hundred dollars to get rid of a computer virus (unless of course an under-appreciated smart friend does it for you for less). And no, antivirus software does not detect viruses inside games. And there is a chance that you will be sued by the content legal owner. That would cost a hundred thousand dollars.

If you want cheap games -- install Steam, buy used software CDs on e-bay, and visit local discount traders (pawn shop, games seller, etc). Set up trading network between your friends.

For example, on Steam, you can have the game download over the Internet, as soon as you purchase the game. There are no CDs to get damaged, lost, or for you to have to type in serial keys. And you can start playing the game in a couple of hours after it downloads.

And they always have great deals. Not only are there cheap games available, but the cost of blockbuster retail games with big names drops off significantly in a few months. Sure, you can't brag with your buddies about playing the "latest and hottest", but you won't pay for it fifty bucks either.

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