Half Life 2

Working single-player mods:

In Mod dB, search for Half Life 2, single player, and released (very important, you do not want too many listings with nothing to actually download), enjoy!

Settings to start spawning citizens to help you out:

NPC_citizen_auto_player.squad 1
NPC_citizen_auto_player_squad-allow-use 1
NPC_create_equipment weapon.ar_2  (or whatever you like)

then, input NPC_create npc_citizen to place a citizen at the place your mouse pointer is pointing at (can be far away from your location!)

Recommended settings:

sv_infinite_aux_power 1  (I always turn this on)

sv_cheats 1
sk_max_rpg_round 12
sk_max_buckshot 256
sk_max_ar2 250
sk_max_ar2_alt_fire 12
sk_max_smg1_grenade 16
sk_max_357 128
sk_max_crossbow 64

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