Fallout 3 super quick console guide, and things to save

prid (right click a character to get their refid)


player.moveto <refid>

Characters' refid:

  • Dave 2b89e
  • Vance 1941d
  • Charon 2b8e1
  • Robot companion 94285
  • Somah 0x000988 (05 for all add-ons installed)
  • Tristan 0x005689
  • Rothchild 0001f0c7


bring back a character:

  • prid <prid or click>
  • disable
  • enable
  • kill
  • resurrect
  • moveto player


how to convert ice-cold nuka-cola to nuka-cola for quantum perk:

player.removeitem <baseid> <amount>. 00040dcb for ice cold

player.additem <id> <number> <condition>. 0001519e for regular nuka-cola


In the game, there are at least three items coded wrong:

  • there is one crutch that cannot be used for the weapon building
  • one pre-war book that you cannot sell
  • one e-cell which does not combine with other e-cell ammunition


Increase your weight carrying capacity:

player.modav carryweight 200

set to 200 in the beginning to be able to carry all that junk you collect in vault 101 until you reach a Megaton locker (try women's restroom). When you get power armor, add 1000 more pounds. When playing the last missions and add-ons, you will need to add several thousand more to carry all that power armor.


Things to keep in Fallout 3 (never sell these in the beginning, you will need these for weapons or to exchange for caps later in the game):

  • Brotherhood Holotag
  • Strange Meat
  • Blood Pack
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum, Flour
  • Sugar Bombs
  • Fire Ant Nectar
  • Mole Rat Meat, Wonderglue
  • Scrap Metal
  • Pre-War Book
  • Nuka-Cola
  • Teddy Bear
  • Camera, Sensor Module
  • Super Mutant Blood Sample
  • 3 Yeast, 6 Fission Batteries, Either 10 Refined Punga Fruit or 20 Wild Punga Fruit
  • Wonderglue, Leather Belt, Medical Brace, Deathclaw Hand
  • Motorcycle Gas Tank, Motorcycle Handbrake, Lawnmower Blade, Pilot Light
  • Paint Gun, Toy Car, Surgical Tubing, Radscorpion Poison Gland
  • Fission Battery, Pressure Cooker, Steam Gauge Assembly, Crutch
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum, Turpentine
  • Lunchbox, Cherry Bomb, Sensor Module
  • Vacuum Cleaner, Leaf Blower, Firehose Nozzle, Conductor


Traders that you can rely on to offload the junk you collect are: Megaton, Ship, Evergreen Mills, Paradise Falls, Tenpenny Tower.


There are three cute girls between VAPL-58 and Kaelyn's.

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