Offers for legal P2P and free movie downloading

Are you searching for a free movie download service online? As you have reached this page from a web search or a helpful link I have a message for you: Most online movie download services that you are going to find are scams!


This applies particularly to any services promoting "legal" P2P (peer to peer) download services. They are all scams. There are few places for "legal" movie downloading or watching such as Netflix,, Hulu, YouTube, Starz, and a few others. Anyone else who has a page that says they will tell you how to download movies if you just pay them is a scam.


Those services:

  • Are a waste of your time. Do not pay them with a debit card so you can dispute the charge with your credit card provider.
  • Can set you up for a recurring monthly charge
  • Are not more legal than usual peer to peer sharing and downloading.
  • Use the same programs that you can get as open source or freeware, but may come with viruses.


Also, some networks now allow you to watch their show on their website. This varies by each show, and you will have to check each one.


If I have avoided you from wasting your money, then a donation would be appreciated.


You have to research P2P before you use it. Wikipedia has an informative page.


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