Idiocy of TV shows scheduling

IMHO, there is too much idiocy with TV shows scheduling:

1. They steal ideas from each other, without even caring about whether people will like the idea or not. A few years ago, every network had a show on thieves, and on another occasion, on aliens. There are more recent examples, but I do not care about TV shows as much anymore.

2. All shows start in same year period, on same days and same hour, as if networks fight with each other to steal viewers. It took me some time to find out that the reason there are few TV shows in the summer and many in the fall is the summer theaters season. This, of course, is the reason that good movies come out for rental in the fall. Well, I have never ever been to a movie theater, and I do not care about visiting one.

3. But there is almost nothing between the periods of shows. I care only about few shows (less than half a dozen a year), but in some periods there is absolutely NOTHING to watch. Those idiots are missing those like me who will not go to a theater or to a sports show. If there's crap on TV, I would not force myself to watch it. I want quality shows spread evenly around the year.

4. Sci-fi channel (no, I will not use the new idiotic name) idiots -- three are now THREE shows in same day (Eureka, Warehouse 13, Alphas). Who can sit at their TV for three hours in a single day??? And what is there to watch on that channel for the rest of the week???

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