Being a hobby electronics guy (if you even know what that means then immediately), I am still amazed at the fact that RadioShack still makes money.

And this given that every time I walk into the store there seem to be at least 3 salespeople there, talking about something. Someone is in the back and probably looking at something on the internet and making silly comments (wow look at that gadget).

The questions that I have is A) why does a tiny store have 3 people inside, and B) what exactly is that room in the back and what does someone who sit there do?

It is also amazing that they have (had?) a thick catalog of things they would sell by shipping, and the fact that they swallowed an electronics distributor (All America?? I forgot the name already) without actually selling anything from that distributor.

It is great that a limited number of hobby electronics related supplies is available in store.

As to how they can be profitable? Well I would be the first to admit that it would be hard. But not trying to become a cellphone outlet (there are plenty), not going away from hobby electronics guys (we still love you), and making sure people know JUST HOW MANY THINGS they can offer by catalog (with free shipping from warehouse by company truck) would be my suggestions.

Let me repeat myself to be clear: we hobby electronics guys are now forced to buy our supplies from many different places online. We hate paying for shipping for a single quantity 50 cent part. If we could get that order fast for free from a company truck delivering to the store then it should make you money.

There is growing interest in things like the Make magazine. Hint: posted projects in the store and available supplies HINT HINT!

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