Low-cost smartphone with free texting and data plan

Low-cost smartphone with free texting and data plan -- who wouldn't you be excited about that?

So, how?


AT&T has just come out with smartphones for the prepaid plans.

And for $20, you can get just the unlimited texting plan, and a smartphone for $180 running Android (with all the apps, of course).


And then?

You can use Wi-Fi for free texting, free voice calls over Skype, and free internet over Wi-Fi. And it comes with a full-featured internet browser.

And you can have free Wi-Fi as well. McDonald's and some other locations have their Wi-Fi provided by AT&T. If it is provided by AT&T, it is free for company's devices.


So, a smartphone for $180, unlimited texting, free voice calls, and free internet. Isn't that just insane?


Oh, I guess that some people want it all. Someone just emailed me asking how to have a Smartphone and not pay for any plans or packages. Well, if you cannot afford the cost of an AT&T smartphone and $20/month texting plan, you might have one more option. There are usually small local companies like MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, etc that supposedly have cheapest phones and packages. In my experience, there are ways they get the money from you, usually from gotcha-s. It is up to you to research offers in your area.

And if you cannot afford even that, sorry can't help you.


Update: I have had several people email me because they could not find this low cost plan. This is not a plan, but a "Messaging Feature Package" that you purchase. Basically, you have a prepaid plan, but all you are purchasing is an unlimited texting prepaid "Messaging Feature Package".


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