How to fill out a MoneyGram money order

The instructions are a very confusing legalese. Let's get it all sorted out.

MoneyGram money orders is what you would get from a Wal-Mart or a CVS.

This is a sample money order:

Several confusing terms:

Pay to the order of: Name of person or name of business to whom your are sending the payment

Purchaser, Signer for drawer: Sign here yourself. For security, you can sign the money order as soon as you purchase it. In case you lose a blank money order (not filled anywhere), anyone can pick it up and fill it out in their name and to whomever they wish. So it is recommended that you fill out the "pay to the order of" and "purchaser" lines as soon as you purchase a large money order.

Address: is a confusing line. Fill out with YOUR ADDRESS. More information below.

Detach the stub as directed and keep for your records. You are done and can mail the money order as payment.

Update: In response to Roseann's comment, I have called MoneyGram myself. Company rep said to put name of person or business on the top line, your signature on the middle name, and YOUR address on the bottom line. Address (according to company rep) is not optional, and signifies the name and address of whoever bought the money order (you).

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