How to buy used books affordably online

It might seem like a good deal you saving money with a used book on Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Until you find out the shipping cost and length of time.

And forget even trying to buy many used books thru B&N or Amazon. The $5+ will wipe out any savings you thought you would get.

Additionally, Barnes and Noble DOES NOT COMBINE BOOKS FROM SAME RESELLER FOR SINGLE SHIPPING COST. WTH? Every book will have a separate shipping fee no matter what you do.

Therefore, stay away from B&N if you are buying several used books.

What can you do to save money? Hunt around online to have a single source deliver as many books as possible for a single shipping fee.

The website seems to have very many used books available, some in their own stock. So, try to buy as many of your books as possible from the same used book seller on alibris. This takes a some time and notes (you can't just add cheapest reseller for every book, you have to add up several cheapest books from same reseller), but is going to be well worth it.

And just in case you are a fan of good ("hard", etc. whatever) sci-fi, then drop me a note.

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