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I have tried all of the agencies above. Most of them aren't out there to do all the work in finding a job for you, unfortunately. You still have to do most of the work. Additionally,

A) Avoid agencies like Coworx that are really "temp" agencies and not "employment" agencies. If they start giving you work that only lasts a week, and they say there's no more work with that employer, and it happens several times, warn them you are only looking for temp--to hire or permanent employment. If they persist in giving you temporary work, terminate your relationship with that agency. DO NOT use such an agency if you are on unemployment, as any unstable jobs like those will reflect negatively on your unemployment payments.

B) Send any correspondence online directly to a local office. I have been told that sending resumes to a local Monroe branch on websites such as Monster and CareerBuilder will have your correspondence first sent to a national center, and only then (if they choose to) to a local branch. Therefore, drive to, or call the local branch, get their contact information, and work directly with them.

C) I have seen a large Manpower office being closed without explanation and no calls accepted. Again, call whomever you are sending correspondence to first.

Call all agencies weekly.

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I have written a report on How to Find a Job.

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