I am considering a job that involves either third shift or more than 45 minutes of driving each way

Q: I am considering a job that involves either third shift or more than 45 minutes of driving each way. Any objections?

A: Of course. I would know more than a few things, with exactly one year of driving one hour each way to third shift. Results?

  • Winter sliding on the highway, small hit on front corner, replaced headlight, bumper cover, engine mount bracket cracked.
  • Stupid highway speeding ticket, not disputed due to laziness.
  • Brake distance too short (pedestrian and two cars in front of me, I am driving a minivan which does not stop particularly fast). Results: radiator, hood, etc replaced, same bumper cover glued together.
  • Fender bender pulling out of parking lot, car parked perpendicular to my location (minivans are long and have a large turning radius)
  • Stupid rural road speeding ticket (trap), not disputed due to laziness.
  • Fell asleep and sliding along wire railing (another minivan). Wheel suspension assembly replaced, minor body work, fender replaced.
  • Several very close calls involving either driving in thick falling snow (New England), or falling asleep.


The point? Don't even think that this will not apply to you. I have also thought that I am a natural night person so why not work at night? I am also not a careless driver (besides some 85 mph tickets on the highway, none disputed due to laziness/stupidity). I also thought that I HAD TO go to work, no matter how much snow or if I did not have time to sleep at all that day. By the way, everything added together, I was exactly 11.5 hours out of home (9.5 hour shift + 2 hours of driving). I was laid off after a year. Great thanks to them for doing what I was unwilling to do myself. By the way, in case you did not know, no one will take care of you besides yourself. And you might also get someone else involved in a car accident (I have not).

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