Drill chuck key 1/2" with 15/64" pilot

Skil 6442 corded drill has a 1/2 inch (13mm) chuck of type Rohm S2A with chuck key 1/2" with 15/64" pilot. Drill press model ZJ4113, chuck 1.5-13mm B16 also uses the same chuck key to the best of my knowledge. Don't waste your time looking for the 1/2" with 15/64" pilot chuck key in your local hardware stores. Just a few online places have that chuck key.

The chuck key that came with Skil 6442 was good (better than store replacements), but it was worn out after time. The drill press that I bought did not even come with a chuck key.

Note that when looking for a hard to find chuck key, searching for the chuck model instead of drill model will be helpful.


If you get stuck with a 15/64" pilot drill chuck, then finding a replacement chuck key will be difficult.

If you try to buy a 1/2" key, or a four-way key on places like E-Bay, you will need to specifically ask them about the pilot dimensions on the 1/2" side of the key. Most of the 1/2" keys will have the wrong pilot dimension and not fit.


The links below are what I found after searching for several hours:


Original parts for the Skil 6442: http://www.toolsandpartsdirect.co.uk/store/parts.asp?MODEL=EMD403----A&PARENT=293&HEAD=%C2%A62%C2%A6DeWalt%C2%A614%C2%A6Drilling/Driving%C2%A681%C2%A6Drills%C2%A6293%C2%A6Drills


http://www.toolpartsdirect.com/cgi-bin/noframes.cgi/skil/6443 (for the 6443 model. Let me know if this fits the 6442 model).

You can also search for "chuck key 15/64" on E-Bay: http://business.shop.ebay.com/items/_W0QQ_dmptZBIQ5fToolQ5fWorkQ5fHolding?_nkw=chuck+key+15%2F64&_sacat=12576&_fromfsb=&_trksid=m270.l1313&_odkw=chuck+key&_osacat=12576

or Geegle Products: http://www.google.com/products?q=chuck+key+15%2F64&hl=en&show=li


Look at any marking on the chuck to see if it provides any information.

In case you did not know, the first number for chuck key is not its outer diameter, but the maximum diameter of a drill bit that the chuck will take.


Update: The following tip is a bonus for those patient readers who have reached the bottom of my web-page. Here is your reward!

Tip: instead of wasting your time and energy to find a replacement chuck key, instead REPLACE THE CHUCK to one which uses a more common drill chuck size! Considering that it would cost you the same as the shipping cost and wait to buy a single chuck key each time (usually comes out to at least $15!).

However, Drill press model ZJ4113 has a CONICAL shank, and there are only a few chucks available which were designed for a conical shank.

The more standardized chuck key sizes seem to be:

1/2 in. chuck key with 7/32 in. pilot

1/2 in. chuck key with 1/4 in. pilot

1/2 in. chuck key with 9/32 in. pilot

5/8 in. chuck key with 5/16 in. pilot


A local hardware store such as HomeDepot will usually have a standardized replacement chuck for about $15. Second tip: only buy a chuck for which stores sell "generic" replacement chuck keys!

For example, the very common Jacobs chuck model number 30602 takes a 1/2" KK type chuck key (pilot hole size 9/32" or in.). It retails in HomeDepot for about $15. A replacement chuck key is known as model number 30052.

Third tip: always purchase a drill chuck key holder (or leash or whatever), and attach it to the electrical cord. I usually secure the rubber holder with electrical tape, so that I never lose the chuck key.

Note: Jacobs has been bought by Danaher Tool. These chucks and chuck keys may also be under the Danaher Tool brand.

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