Chainsaw gasoline tank fuel line replacement

Fuel lines on small engines get brittle after use and require periodical replacement. For small engine replacement parts a website such as can be used. Be aware that this particular website charges high prices on the individual parts, and shipping is slow. Before ordering parts, check if you need any other parts, including for other home appliances and tools, because the cost of shipping will be much more than the cost of individual parts.

You can also purchase replacement generic tube at a local hardware store, as long as it can be submersed in gasoline.

Here is the replacement procedure:

Cut the new line to the length from the inlet line attachment to the fuel tank (of the two lines inside, this one is the one farther to the end of the fuel tank) to where you can have the inlet fuel filter outside of the gas tank for about 1". If you cannot find the fuel filter, order a replacement. FOR THIS AND FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS, REFER TO ONE OF SEVERAL ILLUSTRATIONS BELOW.

It is easiest to first remove the two-ended (male to male) plastic fitting from the line attached to the fuel tank:


Install two-ended fitting onto the new line. When I install plastic tubing, I pour boiling hot water on the plastic tubing to make it soft and pliable. If you do so DO NOT pour water into the gas tank, into the fuel line or onto the fuel filter.


Attach the inlet fuel filter to the tube. Notice that I used an old mug to catch the water. When you pour hot water onto the line, DO NOT POUR ON THE FUEL FILTER.

attach the inlet filter to the tube


Vacuum out the inlet air filter. If it is black or discolored, or is soaked in oil or gas, then order a replacement.


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