CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is everything that its title suggests. I have chosen it to run, and you should probably do the same.

I have a section on CMS Made simple on the parent website (

The following is a quick review:


  • Passes the installation check
  • Very lively and helpful forum. Questions are quickly responded to by very informed members.
  • Does not force you to its own organization system. I can immediately start putting pages on your site.
  • No significant removal of content and features needed for your own site (some large CMSes have so much content all around page that you did not ask it to put there)
  • Content and design is separated. Once you specify a custom design template, you or anyone else can create content that will use the design template.
  • User hierarchy (admin, editor, designer)


  • There is no single drag-and-drop ecommerce / store / shopping card feature. Several modules exist that you have to combine together to form a store, or use a third party module or even third-party-website hosted solution.
  • No multi-site / multi-domain functionality
  • No multi-language functionality
  • No automatic backups
  • No undo or CVS system. After you hit submit after typing in text, or delete a page on the other hand, there is no undo.
  • Only a single person can be editing a given page at a time


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