Alien Shooter series Tips and Strategy

Recommended character: Pick a girl. There's nothing more interesting than a frail girl carrying awesome weaponry and slaying huge monsters. Not nearly as much fun with a large guy for your character. Sammy or Nina are recommended.


For those games where you can choose a perk, here's the list and explanation:

Self-Treatment – Health regeneration

Quick Learner – Faster character advancement (add points to skills)

Economist – More cash

Night Vision

Vampire – Drain health from enemies

Hypnotist – Control enemies (some enemies start to attack others)

Observer – Hidden places are pointed out with a brief red arrow

Boxer – Unarmed fighting


Very few of these are of large benefit to you. On your first pass, I encourage you to use the Observer perk to pick up more cash, weapons, ammo, armor, etc. Only after you become good at picking out hidden places, should you (on a second pass at playing the game) consider other perks. Note that many other perks give you no special abilities (Self Treatment/Vampire is fine, but nothing special). Night Vision and Boxer are useless.


Note: the large green icon with a picture of ammo <pic> adds to the ammo if the currently selected weapon, but does nothing (while it is picked up by your character and removed from the screen) if your ammo of the currently selected weapon is completely empty or full.




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