Funny stuff

Not everything on this website has to be pure information. Give your brain a few seconds' rest while viewing this:

infinite bandwidth

too bad this isn't mine (it is my friend's), I could never get over 5 Mbps on my cable connection.

The one below is mine. I will not argue that Alaska is far away, but far away to be a country? I doubt it. (Look at the "Works in 160 countries" to find it)

alaska is a country

Comment for the image below: I never knew they had 3D computer mice. BTW, that is a silent mouse that I will review in some future time.

3D mouse

The following is a sign I saw. What is wrong with the picture?

upside down sign

The following is an interesting 3D look effect of a drawing I made. For someone who is artistically impaired, this is a big achievement. Those of you with artistic abilities would probably suggest I added a perspective grid, but hey, I did achieve something! BTW, that "doughnut" is a reminder that the excellent OpenOffice suite has a Draw feature, in case you did not know.

3d effect

I hope you have seen your share of shell/prompt fun. If not, this is my lame attempt to do so:

why not?

the "echo" spoils the surprise, but that is essentially what it is: a why.bat file that contains the single line "echo why not?". Download the file here. And I have also heard a rumor that military MSDOS prompts are set to this:

sir yes sir


And this was a Driver's Ed car which pulled in to a liquors store. Would you trust such "education"? Sorry for the bad quality -- the driver was coming out and there was a car behind me; I had to take the photo in a real hurry:

Drivers education car at a liquor store


This is a sign I saw at a Walgreens parking lot. So, they give you insurance for parking?

misspelt walgreens parking lot sign



An upside-down sign:

upside down sign


Funny license plate. It's an SUV, actually:

funny license plate


One last piece. First, execute this file. It does funny stuff with the cursor on the dos screen. Then, change the extension to .txt and view the contents of the file in a text editor.

And I guess that is all for now.

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