Jun 24, 2011

Firefox updates

Mind-numbing updates that break add-ons.

Firefox is forgetting a very important detail. One of the core reasons I use Firefox instead of IE are the add-ons (or extensions, or whatever the current term). That is what makes Firefox so powerful. However, Firefox has recently been updating its browser by major versions at a breakneck pace.

Example: the recent release of Firefox 5. I wasn't even expecting an update so fast.

So, I happily go over to their website and read all of the "new to this version" stuff. Very exciting!

After installing 5, however, my server hosting panel does not work, and one of my important add-ons do not work.

I head over to their main website, only to see absolutely no mentioning of version 4, or any other versions. As if, forget that version ever existed. As in, we tell you you don't need Firefox version 4.

Well, I did manage to uninstall version 5, obtain version 4 (a little web search). Happily, it seemed like the upgrade never happened. I regained all of my add-ons, bookmarks, session history, etc.

I am sure that all of that version 5 stuff is interesting, but at the moment I do not care. My add-ons have become more important to me than the "new features" of Firefox.


Oh, and Firefox -- could you get your add-on developers to keep up? Could you help along with ensuring that popular add-ons are up to date when Firefox is scheduled to be upgraded?

And I found a bug as well. The upgrade to 5 told me that only one module was incompatible, while that was clearly not true. The module I am talking about is FastDial. The upgrade did not say it is incompatible with 5, but it is.

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